Additional Rounds for Some Teams

We have 4 teams, 12/3’s, 14/1’s, 16/1’s and 12/2 Girls in comps where there are 7 teams plus a bye in an eight team competition. This creates a problem when playing an 18 round season with some teams getting 3 byes and some only 2. To fix this problem, Blacktown Association has decided to create a competition of 21 rounds for these 4 competitions. All teams will have an equal number of byes and they play all teams 3 times. The draw for these games is now up on the BDSFA website. Please note that this affects only the teams mentioned.


Winter Club Gear

With the cold weather now upon us it’s timely to remind you that our club has a range of gear such as beanies, scarves and jackets to help keep the cold out. Our gear van is parked in the main car park near the canteen every Saturday and most Sundays. So come along and check out our range of winter gear.

EFTPOS facilities are available and we can also accept MasterCard and Visa Card for purchases.


Outstanding Registration Fees

We still have some players that have outstanding registration fees. Letters have been sent to these players to remind them of their fees due.

We ask that these players settle these outstanding fees quickly. Players who continue to have outstanding fees will have their players ID card withdrawn until these fee are paid.


Weekly Match Fees

All players are reminded that they must pay a weekly match fee.

Fees are payable for all matches (except byes and forfeits by the opposition). As these fees contribute towardsplayers end of season presentation they are payable for all matches regardless of whether you play or not. In the event of long term illness or injury your team manager will ask the committee for a dispensation on the payment of fees.

The weekly match fees are:
Small Sided Games players (U5 to U11) - $5 per week.
Junior Comp teams (U12 to U16) - $6 per week
U20’s - $7 per week.


Where are the grounds located?

Please see this link to all of the grounds, their address and a map to their location in the Blacktown District

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